Ars Machina produces true exclusive fine art life-like sculptures in any material, size and scale (Digital files, characters and avatars also available). Our 3D portraits are not only the result of high end technology, but each one is a masterpiece which involves the know-how and developments of an artistic team that has been creating all kinds of sculptures, models, dioramas and artwork for more than 35 years (Yes, way before the 3D technologies even existed).

Our creations involve an artistic process that will result in a one of a kind piece. Therefore, we can even work with regular 2D pictures or drawings provided by you when 3D scanning is not possible. Of course, we could not obtain a 3D render from these 2D files
but our team of artists, historical researchers (If needed) and 3D modelers, will make sure every detail is accurate to meet your expectations and create a perfect custom sculpture for you.

We also work with companies, publishing houses, museums, artists, jewelers, etc. from all over the world to develop their projects as we offer as well, production and packaging services for professionals.

Contact us today to get a quote on your project, our team will be happy to assist you.